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  • Zombienomics:: Making a Living in the Living Dead Economy

    Welcome to “Zombienomics: Making a Living in the Living Dead Economy”! The New Normal economy looks a lot like an apocalyptic zombie takeover. Yet we believe you too can flourish in this living dead economy—patch together a living, even re-create your career—as long as you are willing to lurch creatively. We’re here to help—help you get more brainz!

  • Recognize that one man's trash is another's treasure

    Don’t think of it as scrounging. Think of it as repurposing, recycling, and being really resourceful—especially if it’s free! With Zombienomics as your guide, you can recognize gems on the sidewalk, wads of cash sitting in your closets, and ever so much more.

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Casey Lynn, one of the genius un-dead minds behind Zombienomics, posted this lovely appreciation for writing on Facebook:

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